State of Retail

When it comes to shopping, what do you prefer? Online or in-store purchases? Specialty stores instead of large retail stores? Or maybe you have a favorite retail store from which you purchase goods, whether it be canned peas or a cat record player. Here at Gauge Insights, we conducted a week-long series of Gauge of the Day surveys (surveys with a random chance of a high reward) centered around respondents’ purchasing preferences. Here is what we found!

We asked respondents to choose their favorite retail store, with the options being Home Depot, Kroger, Target, Walmart, Costco, and other. Out of over one thousand responses, 52% chose Target! That is over half of the respondents in favor of one major retail store, meaning that Target must be doing something right, and other retail stores should follow!

Respondents were primarily in favor of large, discount retail stores, with 38% stating that they choose retail stores due to their wide variety of products. The same respondents said that pricing is the #1 factor that influences their purchase decisions in a retail store. This means promotions and coupons could work wonders for retail stores! On the other hand, retail stores don’t always have everything we are looking for (even though we wish they did), so that is where specialty stores come in. Specialty stores are those small retail outlets that have a specific product range of products, which is exactly what consumers love. Out of 755 responses, 40% stated that they prefer specialty stores because they offer a wide range of unique products, like the “pants jacket.”

Finally, when asked whether respondents preferred to purchase items in-store or online, the results were almost split exactly down the middle. 49% prefer in-store, and 48% prefer online. This means that although the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and online, more people prefer to go into the store and purchasing their groceries at the register and talking with the cashier.

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The Gauge Team

For more info, check out our infographic:

Retail Insights Infographic.png