The Great Divide

Yanny? Or Laurel?

The greatest debate in the past 48 hours has been centered around a voice recording that was shared on Twitter earlier this week. Some swear that it says “Yanny.” Some insist that it says “Laurel.” The dispute has gone viral, but possibly at an even larger scale at the Gauge office. Out of our team of 5, 2 are team “Laurel,” and 3 are team “Yanny.” There has been much discussion, several persecutions of innocent bystanders, and a lot of side eye. The tension has grown thick.

We decided to settle the debate with what we do best, a Gauge survey. Here’s what we found:

It seems that more females were intrigued by this debate than males! Out of 1200 responses, 71% were female, and only 29% were male. Similarly, out of those that voted for “Laurel,” 71% were female, and 29% were male. On the other hand, for “Yanny,” the results were only a tad different. 72% of the respondents were female, and 28% were male.

The average age of all the respondents was 38 years old, but with 26% of responses for “Laurel” from the age bracket of 28–32 year old’s. Similarly, 27% of the responses for “Yanny” were from the age bracket were 28–32 year old’s again. Where are my millennials?!

As for education, this was even more interesting. 56% of the respondents for “Laurel” had a bachelor’s degree, with a respective 50% of the respondents for “Yanny.” For “Yanny,” however, 25% of respondents had an advanced degree, while only 21% of respondents for “Laurel” had an advanced degree. What does this mean? Probably nothing (except that team Yanny is the best, obviously).

Again, this is just the facts (sorry, team “Laurel”). Overall, 49% are in favor of “Yanny,” while the other 51% are in favor of “Laurel.” But there is still time. The survey is currently open on the Gauge app, so go cast your vote now, and help settle the great dispute in our office (and maybe even in your own workplace).


The Gauge Team

Yanny vs. Laurel