Gauge’s Guide to Gas Stations

Going to a gas station is no longer about just filling up the gas tank and hitting the road, but instead filling up on your favorite snacks and taking a break. Convenience stores are becoming the new one stop shop for everything you could possibly need, from an ATM, fast food, or even beer and wine. For one week, Gauge conducted daily surveys about respondents’ shopping habits and preferences for QSR/gas stations, and this is what we found.

Surprisingly, although it seems that more people are moving towards convenience stores as their shop of choice, 97% of over 1,000 respondents said they preferred to purchase food and groceries from a grocery store rather than from a convenience store. Perhaps convenience stores are more geared towards snacks and novelties instead of produce, but this could change in time. According to our survey, out of 1107 respondents, 35% chose chips as their favorite snack to purchase at a convenience store (my favorite)!

However, 65% of 1048 respondents said that they prefer to purchase fuel from a gas station with an attached convenience store, as opposed to just a gas station. Convenience stores are not all the same, however. For instance, 28% of 994 responses said that they make the variety and brand of store items the most important factor when deciding between convenience stores. Perhaps one convenience store didn’t have the brand of chips that you love, so you have to drive down the street to another one that is better stocked. Snacks are important!

Out of over 700 responses, 33% of respondents said that they would love it if convenience stores sold liquor. This is a stretch, but be on the lookout for that in the future. How convenient would that be?

As for gas stations, out of almost 1400 responses, about 50% of the respondents said that fuel price is the most important factor when deciding between gas stations, which is to be expected. Another tidbit: 71% of respondents said that the farthest distance that they would drive to a gas station/convenience store would be only between 0 and 6 miles. That’s a pretty short distance, if you ask me.

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The Gauge Team
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