Fast Food Findings

Here at Gauge, we love to eat. Whether it is picking up a sandwich and bringing it back to the office, going to a sit down restaurant for a well-deserved break, or going through a fast food drive-thru, food is a priority. We wanted to see if consumers felt the same way. So, for one week, we surveyed our panel of respondents to discover how they felt about fast food and the like. Lettuce discuss our findings!

Although there were several choices available when respondents were asked their favorite fast food chain, there was an overwhelming winner: Chick-fil-A. I agree wholeheartedly with this–their chicken minis are a godsend. I am surprised though that only 16% of the 1132 respondents said that McDonald’s was their favorite fast food chain because their fries are iconic! Perhaps our data can help the other competitors reach Chick-fil-A’s level.

Unsurprisingly, 68% of 1166 respondents said that they prefer ordering fast food via the drive-thru rather than in-store. In addition, out of 1122 respondents, 47% said that they prefer the drive-thru because it is more convenient than ordering food in-store. The drive-thru is definitely an awesome invention, because why go into the store when you can eat your food in the comfort of your own car?

One downfall of the drive-thrus can be the wait. 69% of 1032 respondents said that they would be deterred from entering into a drive-thru lane at a fast food chain due to the number of cars in line. Ironically, sometimes the drive-thru can take even longer and have a longer line than in-store. When in the drive-thru lane, 451 respondents out of 1041 said that order accuracy is the most important factor that they consider. Sometimes the attendant cannot hear your order correctly, or the speaker is broken, etc. This corresponds to our question of whether consumers prefer to order food in a drive-thru using an interactive touch screen or a speaker system with visual confirmation. Out of 1066 responses, 53% said that they prefer to order food in a drive-thru with an interactive touch screen. This technology completely removes the potential loss in translation between the consumer and the drive-thru attendant taking their order. In this way, the consumer can tap the touch screen and customize their order exactly to their liking. The only problem might be if the touch screen has a glitch…

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The Gauge Team

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Fast Food Findings