Commit to the Meal Kit

Imagine you are coming home from work, exhausted. You have nothing in the fridge, and have absolutely no energy to cook. Perhaps you could order takeout, but that’s usually expensive and most likely pretty unhealthy. You could possibly drive somewhere to order food, but who wants to do that after a long day?

Sound familiar? This is where a meal kit delivery service comes in. With a meal kit delivery service, someone plans your meals and sends you all of the necessary ingredients. In this way, you can make “home cooked meals” without cooking from scratch.

There are so many different services that you can choose from, and as a potential consumer, you probably have several questions that you want answered before getting locked into a subscription. Here at Gauge Insights, we surveyed our panel of respondents about their current opinions on meal kit delivery services, and what we found might help you come to a decision to commit, or quit.

Out of 949 respondents, 89% said that they are not currently subscribed to a meal kit delivery service. But of those that said yes, 73.80% are female, 71% have a full-time job, and 53% are single. When asked which meal kit delivery service they were currently subscribed to, 10% said HelloFresh and 10% said Blue Apron. These are pretty well-known businesses, and both are two of the earlier established companies in the meal-kit industry.

But what about the people that said they do not have a subscription? According to our respondents, there are several qualms in regard to meal kits. Of 849 respondents, 23% said the element that they disliked the most was the high price. This is an important factor to consider, as the average starting price for a subscription is around $50. Although the ingredients are included for you in the box, one could argue that it would be cheaper to go to the grocery store and purchase them yourself! Respondents also said that they did not like the excessive and wasteful packaging that comes with delivery, how long it can take to prepare meals, and the limited selections that some meal kits can offer.

On the other hand, for those that do subscribe to a meal kit delivery service, they are overall very pleased with their membership. Of the 847 respondents, 19% said that they have a subscription because it saves time and stress of shopping and meal planning. Habitually, convenience trumps all else it seems. Other reasons for a subscription include freshness, that it teaches cooking skills, and allows you to make homemade, gourmet meals.

Of those respondents that said they were not currently subscribed to a meal kit delivery service, we asked them which offerings would have the most impact on their likelihood to use one in the future. For 39% of 833 respondents, if the meal kits were less expensive, they would more seriously consider purchasing a subscription. Other reasons included the desire to customize meals more to their liking, the option to buy meals individually rather than in bulk, and the availability of coupons or promotions.

Although there are more and more meal kit delivery services sprouting up everyday, it seems that based off of our respondents’ opinions, they will not commit to the meal kit unless they are less expensive and more customizable. Perhaps if meal-kit companies change these components, consumers will change their minds!

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The  Gauge Team

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Meal Kit Delivery Service