How Does Gauge Prevent Bias?

Some may think that achieving a “good” response rate is the hardest part of survey creation, and while that is essential, avoiding bias is arguably more important. In order to have a completely unbiased survey, this would mean that the respondents were representative of the entire population (our target audience). Further, we would also be comfortable, or have confidence, projecting said findings to the population (“The Hidden Danger of Survey Bias,”

It is important to remember several factors when creating your survey. This includes question order, randomization of questions and answers, knowing your audience, and much more. Sound like a lot? Gauge has you covered. We made you a simple fact sheet to better explain our methodology, and how we can help you.


1. How We Prevent Swipe Bias 

Let’s say that you are given a very long survey, with numerous options to choose from for each question. Naturally, in order to get the survey done with as soon as possible (we definitely all do this, it’s ok) we most likely just choose the first option we see and move on. There is a tendency to interpret information based on our own previous assumptions rather than making sense of the data at hand. This prevents the respondent from reading all of the answer choices and actually choosing the answer that they truly prefer, and also has the possibility that every respondent will follow suit and you will get an abnormal number of responses for the first answer choice. This doesn’t sound good, does it? This is why Gauge implemented a randomization engine tool in order to prevent swipe and/or location bias. In this way, you are able to randomize the order of the list of options that are presented to each respondent. When you check the “Randomize” button (as seen below), this ensures that the answer choices will be shown in different orders to each respondent when they take the survey, so you can hopefully remove bias while still ensuring engagement.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.33.33 AM


2.  How We Ensure Quality Results

Not only do the survey questions need to be of the utmost quality, but so do the results. Just like ensuring that the answer choices are randomized, it is also important that the respondents can see all of the answer choices so they are not just choosing the first one that is available. For instance, when asking respondents their favorite brand of soda, it would be essential for them to see all of the options at once so they could make an truthful decision, right? If the respondents could only see the Coca-Cola can on the first page and then they had to swipe or scroll to see the other options, there is no guarantee that they will actually do this. Again, in this scenario, respondents are more likely to just choose the first answer option because it is most convenient and then continue on with the survey. With this in mind, Gauge created a “View All” feature in our platform, which ensures that each respondent is required to view each image, video, and question for a fixed amount of time before submitting their answer. We eliminate bias because when the “View All” box is checked (as seen below), the respondent can see all of the images at once and can then make an honest decision.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.30.11 AM


3.  Who Our Panel Is

We are very proud to say that Gauge is powered by Focus Pointe Global’s nationally renowned, 1.6-million-person panel. When you choose “Gauge Audience” when making a “New Audience” in our platform, you have an all access pass to their entire panel. In this way, you can completely customize your audience to your liking (as seen below). For instance, let’s say that you wanted to ask the question “What is your favorite brand of soda?” to an audience of single, 20-25 year olds, with an income of up to $25k, with a Bachelor Degree, of any gender, any race, no children, and with a full-time job. Gauge lets you do this. You could create any type of audience imaginable to fulfill all of your research needs. Focus Pointe Global only recruits the highest quality respondents to complete our surveys. In this way, you can ask your respondents anything, and easily receive answers to key questions with results as soon as possible.

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Now that you know how we prevent bias in order to give you the best results possible, why don’t you find out what Gauge can do for you? Create a free account on Gauge and tap into our all-mobile panel today!  


The Gauge Team

For more information, check out our Gauge Methodology fact sheet.