Coffee Craving

The Gauge staff LOVES coffee. I guarantee that if you walked into our office at any point of the day, at least one of us would have a coffee in our hand. Coffee not only keeps us awake, but it also tastes delicious! For one week, Gauge Insights surveyed our panel of respondents to understand their thoughts on coffee… Do you prefer coffee hot or iced? Home-brewed or purchased in-store?

From our findings, it seems that our panel has the same craving for coffee (because coffee is the best, obviously). We are excited to spill the (coffee) beans with you!

When asked how many cups of coffee per day each respondent drank, 40% said 1-2. That is definitely less than the average number of cups of java at the Gauge office! Only 10 respondents out of almost 900 said that they drink 5 cups of coffee or more each day, which is a good thing considering that the average cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine (Mayo Clinic, Talk about a caffeine crash!

45% of respondents said that hot coffee is more delicious than iced coffee, which is a bit surprising due to the fact that it is summertime. Further, 49% of respondents say that they prefer to brew their own coffee at home rather than purchasing it at a coffee shop. This is perhaps to save money, as the average cup of joe costs about $2.70 (U.S. News,

As to be expected, out of over 800 respondents, 47% of respondents chose Starbucks as their favorite major coffee retailer. This coffee giant beat out Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread, McCafé and Jittery Joe’s! They must be doing something right. Maybe it’s those specialty drinks! When asked what respondents ordered besides coffee at a coffee shop, the results were split pretty evenly between three different options: 19% said hot tea, 21% said lemonades and iced teas, and 23% said frappuccinos. Frappuccinos are trademarked items of Starbucks, making them considerably popular (that, and their sugary goodness).

When it comes to likes of coffee shops, the results were pretty self-explanatory. 48% of over 800 respondents said that taste is the most important factor that they consider when choosing between coffee shops, which is what we assumed. Interestingly, cost was only seen as a major factor by 11% of respondents. This was surprising, and means that most people will choose taste over price anyday. Other factors included the location of the store, the availability of other types of drinks besides coffee, and the atmosphere.

As for dislikes, an overwhelming 61% of 800 respondents said that the cost of coffee was the factor they couldn’t stand the most. This is something to pay attention to: what is more important–taste, or price? A follow-up survey could be conducted to solve this debate in the future… If only there was a place that had very delicious and very affordable coffee (that also satisfied all of the other criteria). Other factors included long lines, rude baristas, and inconsistencies with specialty drinks.

Although coffee is seen as a necessity in most respondents’ eyes, there are several factors that can be improved for an overall more advantageous experience. Almost half of respondents said that taste is the factor they consider the most when choosing between coffee shops, and cost is the factor they dislike the most. Starbucks is the clear winner in respondents’ eyes, so the other contenders need to make some improvements to become competitive. With the Gauge app,  your company can quickly target a custom audience, create questions, and obtain feedback from thousands of customers, in just minutes.

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The  Gauge Team


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